New Cookbook

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I photographed,wrote and published a cookbook! yay!

Brief synopsis:

Explore the Kenyan Kitchen – Authentic Recipes for the Home Cook is a collection of the very best of the Kenyan cuisine and it has easy, step-by-step and well-explained instructions on how to prepare each recipe. It also includes colourful photos – all of which are photographed in my kitchen and hand edited by me – and a pantry list of things one should have for the daily use.

The perfect cookbook for the home cook as well as any one who would like to explore the Kenyan kitchen in a deeper authentic way, this book has something to suit everyone! read more

One pot Matoke (Plantain) with Beef, Bone Marrow, Potatoes, Carrots and Spring Onions


cooked matoke with carrots and beef

A heart warming and filling dish. One that looks messy but tastes great. My mother came back from her holiday in Kenya and brought me Kenyan Matoke/Plantain. As a foodie and a strong advocate for Kenyan food, I was in heaven. It has been years since I last had this dish and I cooked and ate it (between photographing and styling) with so much joy! Even our little Henry loved it!

If you follow my page on Instagram or Facebook you are probably aware that our little Henry just celebrated his first Birthday. It has been an amazing one-year journey, one that I won’t trade for anything in the entire world! Although there were ups and down especially in the beginning and nights when i wished he was asleep when he was awake, or laugh when he was crying, I still would do it all over again if I had a choice. They say life changes when you become a mother, and they were certainly right! Henry not only transformed us but also those around us took other positions in life, a sister became an aunty, a mother a grandmother a grandmother a great-grandmother and so on…. read more

Masai Mara Safari Guide


male sitting leopard in masai mara kenya

As I am typing this, it’s 5pm in this part of the world and it’s already dark outside! It has been snowing on and off since last week but today the snowing stopped and the rain started. According to the weather forecast, the next days  we are to expect more snow and even more wet days! Grey and gloomy days like this make me miss Kenya very much. I miss the feel of the burning tropical sun on my skin, the smell of over-ripe mangos and pineapples, i miss the sound of flies that follow you around when you finish eating a mango and forget to rinse your hands, i miss the sound of the rain and the smell of the earth minutes after it had poured down. I miss home. read more

A Kenyan Inspired Christmas Table Setting + Spiced Chai Cupcake Recipe






This year for the very first time have decided to go with a Kenyan inspired Christmas table setting instead of the traditional one. It felt so good setting it and I just can not wait to seat and dine with my family on it.

To top everything up, I also came up with a recipe for the best cupcakes have ever had! They are full of my favourite spices that burst in your mouth from the very first to the last bite. They also have black tea in them, which gives them that extra authentic taste of home. read more

Classic Kenyan Beef Stew



Hello there from my new world! it has been a minute! I know i know.. I guess this is the longest I have stayed without posting since I started this platform. Well, it has been for all the good reasons! first thing first, we have a new member in the family! Yeah! Nick and I welcomed a little cutie, healthy bouncing baby boy on the 13th of june this year! His name is Henry. Weighed 3.4kg and was 52 cm tall of pure happiness. I fell in love with him the moment i held him in my arms, and he smelled heavenly! The first months into motherhood were extremely hard from getting to know him and him us, to dealing with sleep deprivation, postpartum blues, and dealing with the crazy hormonal changes that no one tells you about until you are in it! All of that and all at once! read more

Mbaazi za Nazi (Pigeon Peas in Coconut Milk)

dry pigeon peas

mbaazi:dry pigeon peas

Today I woke up feeling positively energized and inspired. Inspired to follow my dreams and manifest them. Life can change in an instant, it’s the act of coping with what happened that really matters. The last months haven’t been the easiest in my life. Most of you might have noticed that since last year and today, I have only managed to post one recipe.

Last autumn, my life took a turn that I didn’t see coming and never would have thought of (that’s a story for another day). Out of the whole experience, I have learned to look at life from a different angle and accepting circumstances as they are instead of trying to change them or run away. At first I wanted to run away from it all – when I say running I don’t necessarily mean jogging – I mean running as first as I could, lung burning run. Run off my fears and anxiety… run off my anger… run off the reality… I did try to run, only to make things worse. I guess it is in our human nature to try and run away from the reality from time to time. But once we realize we cannot change things to be the way we wish/want them to be and start accepting them as they are, life becomes much more easier. Instead of lamenting of the things that we’ve lost in the past, it’s good to learn to let go and see each new day as another opportunity to being a better person that we weren’t yesterday. What seems like the end of everything, it is actually the beginning of something new, another chapter in life. Everything happens for a reason, nothing is a coincidence. I have named the autumn of last year “The Golden Autumn” and am so grateful for each and every lesson it has taught me. read more

Viazi Karai (Potatoes in Gram Flour)

Happy New Year everyone!

It is yet another year, still very young and fresh! Who knows what it holds for us?

As we find out, here a recipe of one of my all time favorite snack to kick-start the New Year with.

Viazi karai are basically boiled potatoes coated in a batter made of white flour, gram flour and saffron or turmeric powder then deep-fried. They are then served with tamarind chutney (but any other chutney would do).

These potatoes are a major street food snacks in the Kenyan coast and are among other beloved snacks in the Kenyan cuisine. They can also be served for breakfast or as a side dish. read more

Roasted Chicken with Garlic Butter and Vegetables

roasted chicken with garlic butter

It’s Friday afternoon and I can feel the gentler pace of the weekend creeping in. Too often my weekends are poles apart from my weekdays. While the week is full of chaos and running from home to work and back, my weekends are spent in a slow motion. The slowdown brought by the end of the week changes everything. As I approach the weekend, everything in me inside and out slows down as well. I am openly and willingly admitting that, naturally I am a slow person. And I love it. The art of slow living gives me such inner peace that sometimes, if assigned to do something I fall in love with the process more than the final product. read more

Kenyan Sponge Cake

simple kenyan spongcake

A few weeks ago, my friend (and neighbor) came over at my place for an afternoon tea and a catch up session.

The last time we actually had a decent girly talk and a good heartily laugh was before she had her baby! And hey, that was 9 months ago!! Not that we live far from each other, but we seemed to be too busy with our daily life’s that we didn’t realise how time had passed by quickly.  Of course, we kept in touch through phoning and texting, but that is not the same as tapping it in the air in person after a good gossip. read more

Oven Baked Garlic & Rosemary French Fries + Masala Sauce (chips masala)

chips with masala sauceYesterday was our anniversary  (5 years and 7 months yeah!) I still cannot consider how time passes by quickly. It seems like we just met yesterday yet at some point I feel like have known him all my life and even the life before!

Since I had the day off, I wanted to prepare something special yet healthy and of course not time consuming (we all have that issue of time, I bet, don’t we?)  I had potatoes in my pantry – I always have potatoes somewhere around the kitchen since there are so many things one can do with them– and after debating with myself of weather to do some quick potato salad or baked potatoes, someone inside me was yearning silently but with an increasing frequency for something spicy! While I was tempted to do Kenyan Chips Masala, I decided to give the recipe a few twists of my own hence making it healthier. read more