Mkate wa Maji – Kenyan Pancakes or Crepes

kenyan crepe - mkate wa maji



3 cups of wheat flour

2 cups of hot water

1 cup of fresh milk

2-3 eggs

½ cup of brown sugar

¼ teaspoon ground cardamom

Ghee or vegetable oil for cooking


In a clean mixing bowl, mix together flour, sugar and cardamom.Add water one cup at a time and using a big whisk mix very well. Then add milk and eggs and mix thoroughly till the batter is smooth and without any lumps

On a medium heat, heat up a clean non-sticking pancake pan and add very little ghee or vegetable oil (make sure to spread the oil everywhere once its heated)

Take a medium ladle full of batter and pour it in the middle of the pan. Using the back of the same ladle, spread the batter to determine the shape and size of your pancake

Using a spatula, lift the sides of the crepes to ensure it is not sticking on the pan and gently flip it over

After both sides are cooked, remove the pancake from the pan and place it in a clean plate.

Repeat this process with the remaining batter till you are done.

Serve hot with a cup of typical Kenyan Chai


For healthier crepes I recommend half white and half whole wheat flour

The bigger the ladle is the thicker the crepe will be hence not enjoyable that’s why I suggest a medium to small ladle

Enjoy pancakes for breakfast or brunch, hot or cold with jam, honey or marble syrup.

9 thoughts on “Mkate wa Maji – Kenyan Pancakes or Crepes

  1. Thanks Admin
    Recipe serves how many ? Secondly, how many millilitres are in the cup. Is it 500.?

    1. admin

      Hello Julie,
      It serves 3-4 (depending how big they are) the “normal” cup is 500 ml yes.
      Happy Cooking.

  2. which flour do i use to make it? yeasted, self raising or the plain one? i want to try it out. help

  3. I tried this recipe and unfortunately the pancakes were too watery. I think I’ll omit the water and use milk only. Thanks though.

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