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male sitting leopard in masai mara kenya

As I am typing this, it’s 5pm in this part of the world and it’s already dark outside! It has been snowing on and off since last week but today the snowing stopped and the rain started. According to the weather forecast, the next days  we are to expect more snow and even more wet days! Grey and gloomy days like this make me miss Kenya very much. I miss the feel of the burning tropical sun on my skin, the smell of over-ripe mangos and pineapples, i miss the sound of flies that follow you around when you finish eating a mango and forget to rinse your hands, i miss the sound of the rain and the smell of the earth minutes after it had poured down. I miss home.

Kenyan is truly magical in all aspects, and I sincerely mean all! from the magical sunsets, unforgettable safaris in Masai Mara, white sand beaches at the coast and the FOOD of course to mention a few. My husband and myself enjoyed a 3 day Safari in Masai Mara a while ago and the memories of it are still fresh in our minds (and they’ll be for a long time).

July – October are the perfect months to Travel to Masai Mara to witness the great Wildebeest migration. During this time, millions of Wildebeests also known as Gnus and Zebras migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the greener pastures in Masai Mara. The Migration has to cross the Mara River where Crocodiles prey on them.

I am no expert in writing a travel guide, all that you’ll read here is based on our own experience.

Day 1: Nairobi to Masai Mara

We flew to Kenya in July and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel in Nairobi for a couple of days before heading to Masai Mara. From Nairobi, you can either drive or fly to the Mara. We chose to fly from Wilson Airport. It only takes about 45 minutes and you are in the wilderness. The moment you land in Masai Mara, you completely forget about the busy World you’ve left behind and I mean literally. In fact, as soon as you start approaching Masai Mara and your pilot starts pointing out at all those herds of Wildebeests and zeals of Zebras, you start wondering if this is a dream or real! and if it’s real, where have I been all this while? I had never seen soo many animals in my entire life. It felt like watching a movie! It was my first time to go on a Safari and I myself being Kenyan, the whole experience blew my mind of! On arriving at the Mara, we found our Masai guide waiting to transfer us to our Camp. We stayed in Sekenani Camp where a good friend of mine who had organised our Safari worked. (You can follow this link to book a Safari with them). We had our lunch at the camp and later on that afternoon we went for our first game drive. The first night we didn’t sleep so well (especially Nick). There was an Elephant family that decided to spend the night across the Sekenani river and we were scared that they might cross over but they could not!

Sekenani Camp Masai Mara Kenya

masai worrior safari guide in masai mara kenya

Day 2: Full Day Game Drive in Masai Mara

After Breakfast, we took off to a full day game drive in the wilderness in search of the big five. We found Lions, Elephants and Buffalos but we didn’t find Rhinos and Leopards. Apparently, this two animals are becoming rare to find.

That day, we had our picnic lunch in the middle of the Jungle before driving all the way up to the Masai Mara river to watch the great Wildebeest immigration. We didn’t get to witness the crossing over.

lioness in masai mara kenya safari

lioness with its cubs in masai mara kenya

lion cubs in masai mara kenya


buffalos in masai mara

leopard in masai mara kenya

male and female leopard in masai mara kenya

wildbeasts in masai mara kenya

wildebeasts also known as genus with zebras in masai mara

giraffe enjoying the sun in masai mara kenya

elands in masai mara kenya

beautiful eland in masai mara kenya

Day 3: Early Morning game drive and a visit to the Masai Village in Masai Mara

On our third day in Masai Mara, we started the day off with an early morning game drive before breakfast and another one after breakfast. Watching the sunrise (and sunset) in Masai Mara is an indescribable experience. The light is magic in its purest form!



masai guide in masai mara kenya

giraffe in masai mara

giraffe calf in masai mara kenya

In the afternoon after lunch and a power nap, we toured around our camp and visited their organic garden where they grow there own vegetables! oh yes, Sekenani Camp grows organic vegetables in the middle of the jungle! Later on we walked all way to the nearby Masai Village which took us approximately 1 hour. We drove our way back. The Masai have an interesting culture and are very friendly and welcoming in nature. They welcomed us with a song and gladly showed us their way of living even how to make fire without any matches!

masai young man in masai mara kenya


masai in kenya

In the evening of our third day in Masai Mara, we witnessed another magical sunset from our tent and later on enjoyed cocktails in a campfire and in the company of other guests in our Camp.

The next morning we popped up to the next aircraft to Mombasa where we spent the rest of our holiday at the Whitesands in Mombasa before returning to Zürich.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are planning a Safari or thinking of going into one, don’t think twice, for you have so much to look forward to.

Photo Credit: My Husband.

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