I am Mary but my family and close friends call me Tina! I’m Originally from Kenya but currently based in Switzerland.

What started as a platform to share my constance cravings for Kenyan cuisine, has now turned into a community and a great passion for me where I also help you, the reader enjoy authentic Kenyan meals at home.

All Kenyan Recipes is ever growing and evolving ย but the one thing that remains constance is how happy it makes me when I read comments and emails from all my readers.

Thank you for being a part in this journey, it is my joy to cook, teach and share with you authentic Kenyan recipes!


An Introduction about the Kenyan Cuisine….ย 

The Kenyan food ranges from incredible varieties of exotic, ethnic and tradition combined with a seasoning of Up-country and the Coastal.

The Up country mouth watering Recipes are fresh, seasonal, simple but delicious and with a special touch of the Kenyan tradition!

The Coastal exotic cuisine on the other hand is a mixture of the swahilisย and the mijikenda (the nine tribes). Its cuisine is filled with all bursting flavors of exotic spices and herbs, tropical fruits and coconut milk.

Further North in the Lamu Island one gets a clear indication of the Arab influence and also the test of their special coffee which is served in miniature cups accompanied by their delicate meat (Haluwa) or Dates.

Join me on this Journey as I introduce you to the wonderful Kenyan Cuisine with the simplest and quickest recipes for you, your friends and the entire family!

Am honored that you are here!

for questions, inquiries or comments please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Hi there!!

    I love the blog. Mambo mazuri sana.

    My name is Kalo. I am a Psychologist and a food blogger. Although my blogging is still in its early stages, I have become interested in getting to know other Kenyan food bloggers. I like your style and would love to learn some things from you.

    First of all,are you in Kenya by any chance and are you available to answer my questions?

    I look forward to hearing from you


  2. Hello there Mary, habari! . Just to let you know I have created a link to my food blog as I have used some of your fabulous recipes. My blog is delushioushomecomforts.wordpress.com. Asante sanan1

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